Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where To Start

I am struggling just a bit as to how/where I should start this blogging path in my journey.  I guess for now I will start with a list.  Following is a list of the sites that I check every day in my search for income from home.  Also, I will do separate posts in the future reviewing each of these sites, as well as adding more sites as I come across them. – An excellent resource for anyone wanting to work from home.  There are new job leads added EACH DAY!  The creators of this site are very diligent and truly want to make it easier for those of us who are done with the rat race. – For in-depth information on different companies coming straight from the source: the workers.  This site can be a little more difficult to navigate, but once you get the hang of it, you will know where to look. – I just recently found this site through one of the writing forums on  What a blessing!  For anyone who has an interest in making money writing online, this is a must.  Felicia, the creator, has done, and is constantly doing, all sorts of research and posting it here for the benefit of online writers everywhere!  She also links to many other great sites with information on freelance writing. 

As far as checking every day, those are the three sites I turn to.  However, as I get more time, I’m sure I will add to this list.  I will also add some sites that I check less frequently.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Countdown Is On

August 16, 2011 - this is the target date for my last day of full time 9-5 work in a dead end job.  Why this date? Well, 8/16/11 will be the one year anniversary of the 1st day in my current position.  Originally, I loved the position, but in the 2 months following my start date, I gradually came to absolutely loathe my job, my department, my piles of papers, and so on.  I started searching and applying for other positions and even went on an interview.  I was so stressed that I suffered daily stomach aches which turned into daily migraines.  I could not take it!  I was at the point of going to my former supervisor and begging her to ask my current supervisor to let me go back to my old department - which I did not leave by choice, my contract was up, but at that point, they were able to add more people - at my company, you have to stay in your position for a year before transferring.  I prayed about it and one day heard God say to me, "Stay and I will bless you."
I heeded the Voice and decided I would grit my teeth and bear it and stay until I had fulfilled my year.  Since that time, I truly have been blessed!  I have listened to countless sermons from Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, and several other ministers and have truly stayed encouraged and able to come to work each day.

My soon to be former desk
Until a few weeks ago, my thought had been to apply for a transfer to my old department as soon as my year was up, but as I would take walks on my break, enjoying the weather and thinking about my kids, I realized that I need to be home.  My almost 5 year old will be starting kindergarten in the fall which will leave my 3 year old to be watched by a babysitter all by himself.  I figured I would just put him in a daycare and work some overtime to make up for the price difference, but then I started to realize that I owe him and my entire family more than that.  My husband will be pastoring a church soon and is on the verge of starting a new business.  How am I serving any of my family by being stuck in an office away from them all day?  I'm not.
I admit that the job is not all bad.  I have been able to get my family to the doctor and dentist, and put away money into a 401k.  However, this is not "it" for me.  I am meant for so much more, not to retire from a company that couldn't care less about me.  I am meant to do so much more with my life, but I cannot do it in the current state I'm in.  That's why I'm quitting!
I am in the planning stages right now, but when school starts for my other kids, I will no longer be working at _____.  At this point, I will try different blogs and other ways to make money online, but I will also be looking  telephone work, transcription, anything I can do from home around MY schedule to produce income.
So come, journey with me as I'm quitting the gig!